Street House

Each contemporary house has its own particularities. By respecting a simple design line, that makes it look spacious and breezy you can obtain a private piece of tranquil paradise. Most of the times, a contemporary house is ‘seasoned’ with a gorgeous and relaxing courtyard. For those moments of relaxation, mellow and unforgettable. There’s no better place like home, isn’t that what everybody keeps saying? Of course you want your home as gorgeous and as personal as possible!

Swimming Pool

Let’s take a look at the Street House, a contemporary volumetric residence, with a street that runs lengthwise it, from the house’s entrance to the garden. The project was defined by Seinfeld Arquitectos in Lima, Peru and responds to the client’s needs. The client requested a living space that combines joyfully the twi ambiences, the interior and the exterior. The result: a house that shows a mild perspective upon life, embraces the idea of the seamless transition between environments, transparence, an outdoor mini-kitchen ideal for barbecue, cuts outs and hallways that serve as transitory areas between the interior and the exterior.

Wonderful Courtyard
Spacious Interior
Bright Interior
Grey Area
Details Staircase White Elements
White Stairs
Wooden Floors
Details Around Street House
Details White Bathroom
White Bathroom
House Plan
Details House Plan
Different Section
Another Elevation
Side Section