Lovely White House

Meet this white stucco modern house inspired by the summer breeze. This residential project defined by Dennis Gibbens Architects in Venice, California meets the client’s expectations. He asked for a summer-like home, nicely sized for a young family of four. The abundance of green spaces create the perfect environment for recharging your batteries and…enjoying all the summer’s benefits, of course: sun, water, cold drinks, relaxation! The house has a sports court, a swimming pool, a spa and a cute terrace. The first floor accommodates the living room, envisioned as an open plan unit.

Fascinating Exterior Details

The house exhales transparence,  featuring a stunning neat design. The concrete cut outs can be perceived as the “intriguing” architectural elements.The main floor’s walls have been replaced with glass, creating a dialog between the outdoor and the inhabitable living space. The second floor, on the other hand, accommodates the more private areas, such as the bedrooms, the office and the laundry room. Borrowing something from the lovely mediterranean luxury homes, this Venice modern house is a wonderful place to spend the hot summer days.

Lovely View
Details Terrace
Swimming Pool
Terrace Vibe
Neat Transparence
Transparent Living Room And Piano
Details Living
Living Room Colours
Impeccable White
White Detail
White Room Details
Upper Floor
House Details
Pale Pink Bathroom
Luxurious Bathroom