House With Modern Touch

The picturesque surroundings of Roprachtice, Czech Republic hit you straight to the heart! For those of you who enjoy some time on their own, away from all the negative city vibe, we highly recommend a breezy location where time stops for a while, reminding you to stop as well and stare to the blue sky. Roprachtice House is a project developed by PRODESI, in the middle of a healthy and relaxing environment. The house is guarded on its south by a baroque rectory, the church and the former school and opening up towards the central side of the village.

House Overview

The house features strong rural accents, wooden beams and an attic that allows the most breathtaking and bohemian views over the Giant Mountains. The attic is designed as an open space, creating an airy atmosphere. Enchanting despite its simplicity, the wooden dwelling is a fairytale place, the shelter that perfect for exploring a different type lifestyle. There is something though, less traditional embedded in the house’s structure: a rectangular wide window, framed in wood, overlooking the village.

View Over the House
Rectangular Windows
Amazing Surroundings
Church And Village
Picturesque House
Wonderful Picturesque Site
Side View
Stone Alley
Kitchen Wood
Wooden Details
House Plan
Site Plan