The Neatherlands

 Zecc Architecten, the Utrecht-based design studio has recently completed the transformation of an 18th-century coach house in Breukelen, the Netherlands. The picturesque house, surrounded by trees, once with strong rustic accents became brighter and more spacious. Respecting the lines of simple and neat design, the new Breukelen house is simply stunning. Most of the rooms are white and uncluttered. The living room though adopts a more traditional look, with interesting decorations, from old chests to medieval iron bars suspended on the walls.

Beautiful Home The Neatherlands

The house’s attic is warm and cozy: wooden beams embellish the upper living space, creating a strong and sharp contrast with the main floor, where lies the kitchen, all neat and modern. The upper room’s authentic-like décor is completed by a wood-fired stove. The house’s gorgeous style is enriched through the solid oak staircase that adds a touch of grace while carrying your steps upstairs. Outside, the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous, especially during fall, when the leaves begin to change colours. The melancholic view creates a strong visual image, creating the perfect frame for those who seek inspiration.

Amazing View House in the Neatherlands
Stunning Beautiful Interior
Living Room King's Room
Interesting Details
Amazing Details
White Decor
Vertical Tiles
Library All White
Seen From Above
Neat White Elements
Neat Interior
Neat Details
Wood And White
White Interior
Wooden Staircase
Wood Love
Subtle Wooden Details
Hypnotic View Staircase
Beautiful Details Staircase And Attic
Attic Room