Garden And House View

Located in Aspen, Colorado, the Willoughby Way is a spacious luxury home, with gorgeous finishings. The interior is breezy and luminous, thanks to the glass walls that replace the regular ones. The house is flooded by light, offering also a beautiful view over the inspiring site. Surrounded by a staggering landscape, the Willoughby Way is a wonderful place for daydreamers: they can take long walks, admire the sunset, enjoy the fresh air and disconnect from the busy city rush.  This particularly beautiful Aspen residence was defined by Charles Cuniffe Architects. “Heavy timbers and stone anchor this home into its site on Red Mountain, while large expanses of glass encompass the mountain views. Clean and contemporary materials create soft interiors.”

Front View

Timber beams embellish the interior and make it more comfortable and cozy. The stone walls reflect the rocky landscape and the sophisticated furniture adds a touch of personality to this living space. The interior is very much connected to the exterior: the materials used in defining the décor, the transparence created through the glass walls and through the irregular ceiling’s sculpture that resembles to a mountain peak. Modern and stylish, the Willoughby Way (due to its location) inspires tranquility and harmony.

Luxury Interior
Amazing Fireplace
Beautiful View
Table And Light
View And Marble
Garden View


Table And View
Home Cinema
Luxury Home Cinema
Art And White
Swirly Staircase
Bedroom View
Bathroom Details
Luxury Bathroom