House And Additional Structure

Zwischen-Raum, a house from the early 1900s has been recently renewed by the German design studio, Fabi Architekten. The residence is composed of two different structures sticked together through a “glass bridge”. The original house did not suffer major transformations, due to its origins (the house is perceived as a historical heritage), but the new structure is the extra-space the inhabitants needed to feel good and enjoy the benefits of an uncluttered environment. The house is located in Rogensburg and it spreads on 198 square meters.

Beautiful Home in Germany

Zwischen-Raum residence is surrounded by a beautiful garden, offering a relaxing view. The interior is nice, neat and bright, thanks to the glass transitory area, that allows light penetration from both sides and from above. The new structure is much more vibrant and luminous. The all-white interior creates the feeling of a floaty, relaxing ambience. Despite the “traditional” exterior, the original structure is very modern decorated, following the streams of minimalism. Away from the hectic city vibe, the Zwischen-Raum house is the perfect place to forget that stress exists.

House in Germany
Garden View
Details Outdoor
Neat Kitchen
Details Kitchen
All White And Stairs
White Staircase
Transition Area


View Outside