Anglican Church Turned Into a Modern Fancy Home

Anglican Church Turned Into a Modern Fancy Home

We’ve spotted this house on miss-design and we really wanted to share this Bagnato Architects project with you. This is, basically, something that we call a house with an interesting past.  Imagine an Anglican Church (built in 1892) transformed into a contemporary home, with gorgeous décor elements, an open space living room and a large terrace guarded by a crystal clear swimming pool. Now repeat after us: this used to be a church! Hard to believe, isn’t it?! Hudson St (Melbourne, Australia) is an exquisite home with an impressive structure, imposing and very luminous. The floor-to-ceiling sliding windows allow the natural light to sneak in and create a bright and vivid ambience.

Some of the “church” elements were kept untainted: the arcades, the rounded windows and of course, the original shape. The house is very spacious, accommodating five bedrooms with 5 bathrooms, lounge and entertainment areas, a bright living room, a kitchen and a large dining room. The materials used in defining the house were wood, white marble, onyx marble and limestone. Precious, elegant and made of the finest materials, the Hudson St is a place that “marries an 1892 church to 2012 modernity throughout unique dimensions”. What do you think of it?

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