L-Shaped Countryside Home With Both Rustic And Contemporary Nuances

L-Shaped Countryside Home With Both Rustic And Contemporary Nuances

We bumped into this 17th century countryside farmhouse on Trendir and we thought of sharing the project with you. A more contemporary section was added to the existing house, creating a comfortable and spacious L-shaped living space. Both pavilions were built from red bricks, enhancing the feeling of the authentic rustic atmosphere. The more recent added section respects the line of tradition but it also brings modern nuances, such as wide floor-to-ceiling windows and a rounded arch-like rooftop. The Hawthbush Farm  is in act a 140 acre organic farm, located in East Sussex,  away from the dusty crowded urban streets.

For those seeking for a full English rustic experience, this is it: “the farmland provides rolling wildflower meadows, ancient woodland, cattle, sheep, chickens, streams and arable land.”  The extension came as a request. The owners wanted more space, without destroying the supremacy and the authentic beauty of the original farmhouse. Mole Architects, the studio responsible with completing the task, simply added a section that allows a better air and light circulation. The new wing blends with the pastoral surrounding, offering a unique living experience (especially at the upper floor where you see how the semi-circular roof works impacts the interior). The house is surrounded by a stunning site, with emerald green vegetation.

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    wow! what a wonderfull landscape.I really love it alot.I am one of the persons who like silence.I really love places which is nor crowded.What about , the furnished above , they are really amazing.The decoration i sso great.Thank you so much for sharing like those pictures.Thay make me happy.