Curvy Eccentric White Residence With Square Perforations

Curvy Eccentric White Residence With Square Perforations

Believe it or not, this is a family house in South Korea. With square perforations and an eccentric white facade, rich in curvy lines, somehow reminding us of the Dali’s “melting” masterpieces, the Pangyo House, a project designed by Office 53427 is definitely one of those impressive architectural examples worth sharing. So here we are: a three-storey house located nearby Seoul (30 minutes by car) displays an abundance of futuristic details without neglecting the importance of nature. Basically, the house is built around a small garden, connecting the inhabitants with the environment.

By using one of the new construction technologies,  Hi-Macs acrylic stone panels, the architects obtained that neat and 3D-like extruded surface, enhancing the feeling of depth. Inside, each edge seems curvy and rounded. There’s nothing regular about this houses’s structure: the “floaty” ceiling (an irregular-shaped undulating surface), the sci-fi staircase (all curved with cut outs) and the unicellular flagellate protists kind of lamps create a very unusual space for what it looks to be a family house. The architects have also integrated some wood finishings. Exquisite and unusual, the Pangyo House is absolutely stunning!

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  • Chris March 8, 2013 at 22:55 PMLogin to Reply →

    Beautiful interior! I love all the crisp lines and modern feel throughout the whole place.