Minimalist Apartment in Poland Inspired by Scandinavian Design

Minimalist Apartment in Poland Inspired by Scandinavian Design

Minimal Studio Architects have completed the design for a 90 square meter apartment in Warsaw, Poland. The new home pays tribute to the traditional Scandinavian style, characterized by clearly laid-out spaces, comfort and functionality. With a color palette composed of white, gray, black and brown, the apartment exudes an elegant, yet sober atmosphere. This is probably why wood is also present, softening up the otherwise rigid spaces.

All the interiors are consistent in terms of design and the transition between the rooms is done seamlessly. The open plan living and dining room is the core of the house. It is here where you will find a very comfortable sofa, a contemporary fireplace, interesting storage units and subtle lighting additions. The bedroom and children’s room were developed in the same style as the rest of the apartment, yet look more cozy and intimate. [Photos and informations received via e-mail by Minimal Studio Architects]


  • Junaid February 21, 2013 at 12:26 PMLogin to Reply →

    Very nice design, definitely inspiring for the new architect designers!

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