Compact Minimalism: Bright Japanese House Inspiring Tranquility

Compact Minimalism: Bright Japanese House Inspiring Tranquility

We are already used to Japanese architecture, which puts a different value on space than most of the Occidental cultures do. The Hiyoshi House is such a fine example of compact architecture! EANA, the firm responsible with completing this project, has envisioned a space that connects the inhabitants and makes them enjoy the cozy, compact space. The place is ideal for a couple that tries to experience the boundaries of “family life”. The rectangular house in Yokohama comes with large side windows, replacing the concrete structure and creating a place flooded by light. Transparent and breezy, the house is equipped with everything needed. The social space includes the kitchen, the living and the dining room and a four meters high ceiling.

The large windows allow the inhabitants to be observers of the natural scenery. The interior floor is a mix of concrete and wood. Nothing too sharp nor sophisticated. Just moderate and relaxing. There’s little furniture to emphasise the breeziness, which is not a bad thing, of course. What is really particular about this house is the upper roof top garden – a spot ideal for seeking inspiration and enjoying a tasteful cup of tea at dusk.

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