Original 3D Geometric Patterns Defining The Causeway Sideboard by Pedro Sousa

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Inspired from the days spent by designer Pedro Sousa in Dublin, this elegant cabinet was entitled “Causeway“, after the unusual rock formations in County Antrim. The idea for a sideboard hit Pedro a while back, but it was only recently that it materialized. The design is defined by various three-dimensional patters, with a strong visual effect.

The designer officially describes the piece as a body in plywood with a solid wood structure, coated all around with a three-dimensional pattern of wood veneer. The first series is available in three different colors: green, blue, red and finally natural wood, where two pieces are prototypes, two artist proofs in a series of eight pieces for each, all numbered and authenticated by designer. It is easy for the beholder to get lost in the intricate game of perspectives exhibited by the sideboard, especially if this game is a reminder of an exceptional place such as the Giant Causeway.

  • pedro-sousa-causeway-1
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-2
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-3
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-4
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-5
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-6
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-7
  • pedro-sousa-causeway-8

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  • Benji November 2, 2012 at 17:20 PM Login to Reply →

    It’s a fascinating sideboard. I would really love to see it an a home setting. Would it be too overpowering? Regardless thanks for putting Pedro Sousa on my radar.