Contemporary Multi-Generational House With Sustainable Features in Germany

Contemporary Multi-Generational House With Sustainable Features in Germany

Especially developed for a large family in Stuttgart, Germany, the Strauss Residence was envisioned by Alexander Brenner Architekten and is located in Stuttgart, Germany. Its white exterior volumes are visually contrasted by a series of green spaces, a garden with play areas for the children and a swimming pool. Right in front of the residence, there is a lovely “piazza”, hinting the way towards the main entrance of the building.

According to the architects, the house consists of “two autonomous house-halves, which if required can be combined in parts or completely. The entire building was created according to ecological standpoints and supplied almost exclusively with renewable energy. The heating energy is provided by air source heat pumps. At extremely low temperatures these peaks are met with a low temperature gas boiler. Water is heated up by high performance solar collectors. As you can see in the photos below, the interiors are minimalist and highly functional, serving the diverse living needs of its inhabitants.

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