Striking Pool House in Tennessee Bursting With Extravagant Design Features

Striking Pool House in Tennessee Bursting With Extravagant Design Features

Design firm Jamie Beckwith is responsible for the striking project showcased in the photos below and located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Entitled Pool House, this complex residence seems to boast endless colors and textures, paying tribute to a modern-eclectic style, with extravagant Gothic features. Nothing is “common” about the interiors of this home, each room having the ability to surprise its guests with original decorative items and a flamboyant nature.

An elegant fireplace surrounded by travertine stone acts as the focal point of the living room. The social area couldn’t be more inviting, with its comfortable furniture arrangements and large windows opening up to the refreshing garden and pool area. Despite the original decor characterizing the living room, the most visually striking interior of the house is the wine cellar. Especially designed to be observed from above, the flashy interior can host up to 2,000 bottles, but its mere sight is enough to get you feeling dizzy.

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  • Marina Klima November 7, 2012 at 01:08 AMLogin to Reply →

    Yes, all are amazing!!! Elegant and sophisticated designs, I am definitely inspired, I want mine to be one of those creations, truly extravagant designs.