Dahila Flower's Geometric Symmetry Inspiring The Hypnotic Lamp

Dahila Flower’s Geometric Symmetry Inspiring The Hypnotic Lamp

A beautiful concept has been chosen by the Polish design studio, AP DIZAJN in developing a peculiar object that embellishes every living space, spreading a sophisticated smooth light.  The Hypnotic Lamp is a luminous panel that pleasantly redecorates a room by playing not only with the laws of physics, but also  with the human perception.  Inspired by a natural source of symmetry, the Dahila’s petals, the AP DIZAIN’s concept has been defined into an art exhibition object, a Hypnotic Lamp, targeting people who want to beautify their homes with some edgy exhibits. The symphony of hexagonal shapes, perfectly aligned arouse the curiosity and determine the viewer to fall into a deep relaxed state of mind.

The Hypnotic Lamp resembles a painting that sends inspiring warm light. The playful curvy shapes shrink to the center of the square. It embodies a spiritual energy by letting the eyesight immerse into a playful ring-shaped game, right in the middle of the square. The Hypnotic Lamp is composed of two concentric squares, each of them pointing some sort of undefined swirly shape. A truly stunning, yet peculiar object that injects a scent of mystic contemporary design. Could this be something you would choose for you home?

  • Hypnotic Light Lamp
  • Hypnotic Lamp Light
  • Smooth Light
  • Smooth Light Hypnotic Lamp
  • Hypnotic Lamp on the Wall
  • Hypnotic Lamp on the Wall
  • Smooth Light Symmetry
  • Curved Soft Light
  • Hypnotic Lamp Detail
  • Beautiful Smooth Light
  • Soft Light Hypnotic Lamp
  • Details Hypnotic Lamp
  • Hypnotic Lamp Turned Off
  • Panel Hypnotic Lamp
  • Hypnotic Lamp
  • Hypnotic Lamp Detail
  • Amazing Details Hypnotic Lamp
  • Two Rectangles Hypnotic Lamp
  • Watching Hypnotic Lamp
  • Closer to Hypnotic Lamp
  • Pale Light Hypnotic Lamp
  • Sublime Details Hypnotic Lamp
  • Stunning Project Hypnotic Lamp
  • Luminous Side View Hypnotic Lamp
  • Pale Light Hypnotic Lamp
  • Side View Hypnotic Lamp
  • Plugging Hypnotic Lamp