Contemporary Brick Cube Kibuts House For Father And Son

Contemporary Brick Cube Kibuts House For Father And Son

A small family of two – father and son – are happy to call the modern Kibuts House their home. Living in this modern home in Israel’s Lehavot Haviva kibbutz, is like continuously taking advantage of contemporary design that inspires their daily routine. Occupying 190 square meters on a 430 square meter property, the modern residence is part of the creative portfolio of Sharon Neuman Architects – you might remember the Harutzim House or House R. Displaying its cube shaped brick-covered architecture with pride, this inspiring home features an open floor plan sparkling under the perfect amount of natural light. The ground floor shelters a public zone divided between the living space, kitchen and dining. A separate bathroom and office space were cleverly hidden to ensure privacy.

Spaciousness was key to defining the house’s appeal, and light was guided inside and up to the next floor by choosing a glass railing for the wooden stairs, as you can see in the photos provided by Amit Gosher. Upstairs, the master bedroom and a second bedroom alongside the bathroom line up on the hallway, creating an inviting feeling. Flooded with natural light, the master bedroom showcases free standing colorful walls which define the bed, bath and closet space. Visually connected to the garden, public spaces downstairs open to the terrace, where a detached pergola offers protection from rain and direct sunshine, prolonging the intimate feeling given by the indoors. Which details would you chose to be part of your own home?


  • Chingo September 28, 2012 at 18:58 PMLogin to Reply →

    How much did it cost to build this. I would love to build this in Florida and rent out to students. Or better yet. Live in, on the beachside

  • ArtsyDesigny October 4, 2012 at 20:49 PMLogin to Reply →

    Where would modern architecture be without right angles? This is a beautiful home.