Seamless Refinement at the Atlantic Shores: Victoria 73

Seamless Refinement at the Atlantic Shores: Victoria 73

Engaging to a story that settles its imaginary universe on the Eastern shores of Atlantic, an enchanting residential project has been completed by SAOTA ( Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects). We have received on our email some inspiring materials regarding the project and we are more than thrilled to share with you our impressions.  Victoria 73 is the name of SAOTA’s masterpiece characterised by an euphoric breathtaking view upon the  crushing waves. The ocean’s proximity is definitely going to inspire whoever ends up visiting this spectacular house. Popular especially among the young couples, the embellished residential home in Cape Town proposes a seductive lifestyle, with an amazing wide terrace, for mystical nights embraced by the prevailing winds and for mornings filled with freshness.

The sweet sea eco trickles over the steep tapered shape house creating a tranquil atmosphere. The inside is offering a framed view upon what it seems to be the most interesting visual element: the ocean. Hardwood floors and sophisticated furniture confer to this image, greatness and comfort. The owners of Victoria 73 are not the type of owners that find satisfaction in regular interior design. It’s the exquisiteness and the care towards details that impresses the eye. It’s like a house ‘dressed to impress’.  The light plays an important role, flooding the apartment and making it look more spacious.  Simply stunning, isn’t it?

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