Visually Stunning White Contemporary Home in Southampton

Visually Stunning White Contemporary Home in Southampton

The inspiring region of Southampton, England with its rural landscapes has determined AR Design Studio to create a storyline that describes perfectly the tranquil flow of this specific area. The Abbots Way is a magnificent architectural masterpiece that satisfies the most exquisite tastes in terms of design. Surrounded by a private forest, the house is an isolated shelter deep inside the woods that keeps every disturbing thought away, like an imaginary shield.  Abbots Way House is a five bedroom residence, spacious, luminescent and with a lot of opened space.

The home from the woods is, despite its location, an apposite sample of  contemporary architecture. The kitchen area is wide and impressive, studded with blocks of white furniture. The imposing space is pierced by a rectangular massive table, basically occupying the central part of it. The front terrace is magically surrounded by a narrow lane of water, just like the castles we know about from our early childhood readings. Most of the ground floor’s walls are replaced with glass,  for a better panoramic view upon the sight. Welcoming the fall season in such a stunning opened space you can call home, must be a spectacle of greatness and colour. The prevailing white adds a glimpse of pureness, climbing on the stairs of relaxation. To wrap it all, this house is ideal for those particular moments when one needs to reset every blue dawn and start from scratch, all refreshed and renewed.

  • Abbots Way House
  • Beautiful Living Room
  • Impeccable White Kitchen
  • Alley Abbots Way House
  • Front View Abbots Way House
  • Side View Abbots Way House
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  • Detail Abbots Way House
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  • Amazing View Abbots Way House
  • Brick Wall Detail
  • Broad Sliding Entrance
  • White Furniture Interior
  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Home Design Abbots Way
  • Kitchen Area Abbots Way
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  • Opened Space Bar Abbots Way
  • Living Space Abbots Way
  • Wooden Stairway
  • Elegant Bathroom
  • White Furniture
  • Plan Abbots Way
  • Detail Plan Abbots Way House
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  • Detail Plan Abbots Way
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  • jaro September 21, 2012 at 07:55 AMLogin to Reply →

    I love that type of buildings. But how people can live in that :)