Seeking the perfect way of re-imagining living spaces in your home leads to a fast, smart, versatile and fun solution – placing a few accent pillows in the right places. Floral patterns create a serene connection to their inspiration sources – the beauty of natural flowers captured in re-interpreted shapes. Since you often ask where to buy products we present on Freshome, this time we give you direct access to each pillow – make sure you read the reviews and maybe write one of your own after buying. If you prefer shopping online, then you’re familiar with the disadvantage of not seeing or touching the product, but the reviews and return policy balance this out and the right floral pillow will find its way into your home.

I have been a pillow lover ever since discovering how easy it is to change the look of a room with the right mix of colors, textures and patterns. Proud owner of different decorative pillows, I managed to narrow this list of flower patterned pillows down to 20 examples for creating a serene feminine space. The first one reveals a contemporary combination of geometric patterns adorned by a large exotic flower – dynamic lines and colors seem to shape around the exuberant flower motif. This is Missoni Home’s Narboneta Ricamato Pillow.

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Next up, Inhabit‘s Aequorea Rhythm Stencil Pillow in Cornflower – a hand-printed, 100% sustainable recycled polyester pillow constructing an atmosphere reminiscent of blue skies and vertical natural dynamism.

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Villa Home‘s Provence Botanic Pillow below gives the impression of a fine-framed artistic design stuffed with feathers and hugged by a pure cotton cover. This pillow flaunts its mixture of printed and embroidered details, delicately accentuating the beauty of a carefully designed space.

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Looking around your home and spotting the need to modernize it can come as a challenge or a disappointment, depending on budget and time. But some home accents can be so brutally bold, they end up stealing the show and you end up thanking for the opportunity to have them in your home. For example, Missoni Home‘s Noceda Pillow measures 16″x16″ and its multicolored display of flowers takes you on a journey to its exotic inspiration – vividly colored passion flower fields.

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The same brightness is displayed by another piece in Missoni’s  square Naima Pillow seen below. Showcasing a geometric representation of the same passion flowers defining the collection’s influence, this pillow shares designer Rosita Missoni’s inspiration – the amazing natural flowers named Passiflora.

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The same designer, Rosita Missoni, imagined a softer color palette constructing an amalgam of passion flowers perfect for a sophisticated interior. Named Kandahar, this cushion is larger than the other two, measuring 23.5″ x 23.5 and imposing its elegant mix of colors on surrounding items.

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Next, the Karoo Cushion focuses its display on the succulent Aeonium flower. Part of the Aeonium collection, this vibrant cushion captures artistic interpretations of the flower’s inflorescence, subtly adapted to a modern interior design or a sophisticated set of spaces. 

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For a softer display of colors, the Aequorea Seedling Graphic Pillow in Light Cornflower from Inhabit plays with overlapping silhouettes, creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Also available in Sunshine, Rust, Pale Yellow, Scarlet, Olive and Pale Green, this modern decorative pillow has great potential to make your life comfier and brighter. 

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A great touch for any cheery space, the Sunshine Many Fans Pillow symmetrically composes rows of dually colored flower motifs. Part of the Emma at home collection by Emma Gardner, the linen embroidered pillow is stuffed with premium feather and down fill, inviting you to interact with its contagious vivacity. 

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The bright Rose Cushion from Missoni Home showcases its pure cotton Coomba material shaped to give the 16″ x 16″ pillow a striped appearance, embellished with a rose in the center. Color options extend to a great variety: black, blue, brown, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow, so chose carefully the perfect color match if you just love the texture.

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A multitude of applique flowers define the Trixie Pillow manufactured by Company C. Carefully cut felt was layered to shape flower blossoms in shades of orange, azalea, citron, lime and crimson, all set on a turquoise cotton background. Undeniably cheerful, this three-dimensional design pops out in any space.

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A different version of Inhabit’s Aequorea Rhythm Pillow is the Scribble Pillow in Cornflower, part of Inhabit’s modern bedding collections and zipped up for easy removal and cleaning, ensuring the pillow’s functionality equals its good looks.

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The Aequorea Floating Lotus Pillow in Silver and Grass brings stylized lotus flowers in your home, creating an elegant display. Hand-printed with environmentally-friendly inks and fully recyclable at the end of its life-cycle, this synthetic pillow is part of the brand’s Aequorea collection.

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Here is a sober pillow, captivating with its large floral motif. Available from Koko Company, the Flora Pillow in a sumptuous composition of brown and eggplant shades is part of a collection of modern bedding derived from lithographs to crewel embroidery.

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There are many designs at Jiti Pillows, showcasing modern geometric designs, country-specific motifs or maze-inspired elements, but also soft flower representations like the Hosta Lily Cotton Pillow in Alabaster. Imagine it on a dark sofa – instant love!

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Sometimes, a white background is the perfect choice for showing off vivid colors. A perfect example would be the Graphic Traffic Happy Poppies Decorative Pillow in Blue – its large cotton body was imagined by manufacturers Pine Cone Hill as a big decorative comfort pillow with bold prints for creating a positive atmosphere. 

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Getting closer to the end of our list, a strangely cute pillow makes its appearance. The Topiary Decorative Pillow in Light Beige exposes the way Jovi Home imagines a floral design, using a frayed finish to accentuate the pattern’s dynamic design.

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My boyfriend complains about having too many pillows on the sofa, but always stacks them up for comfort when watching TV. An elegant display of a stylized propeller flower would only hint towards the feminine appeal, being perfect for a home shared with your love – this is the Propeller Throw Pillow in Aqua from Inhabit.

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Beautifully elegant in its gentle chocolate shade, Inhabit’s Rhythm Studio Pillow in Chocolate is part of the brand’s Cotton Bedding Collection – a luxurious home accent made out of the finest combed cotton sateen and featuring a hidden zipper for easy cleaning. 

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This last one showcases a black and white pillow cover made of Missoni’s Cartagena Fabric #20. It is Missoni Home’s Cartagena Cushion, showcasing its bold black floral patterns over a white background. Or is it white flowers on black background?

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Decorative pillows matching or completing the chosen color palette create a bold statement in any space and you can easily re-decorate according to season, occasion or mood. Revived as artistic solutions for easily changing the atmosphere of a room, accent pillows displaying flower silhouettes hint towards subtle femininity and spruce up a brand new sofa or an old witness to your private social memories. We would love to know which pillow you chose as your favorite – would you use the pillow on the sofa or do you have another space planned for it?