Warm Family Life Depicted by Contemporary Home in Israel: House E

Warm Family Life Depicted by Contemporary Home in Israel: House E

We find this project to be a great example of blending the features of modern architecture with the coziness and energy of a healthy crib. House E was designed by architectural company Sharon Neuman Architects and is a welcoming 3,229 square foot contemporary home, perfectly meeting the living needs of a family in Israel. Here is more from the project brief, as provided for the press by the architects: The clients wanted a large, spacious house on one hand, while maintaining the intimacy and the sense of a warm family life on the other. The client’s dream was clearly defined: strong connection between indoor and outdoor, huge patio as a main feature, connected to most of the rooms. A house that will not be too flashy for its surroundings. And if possible, a plan that would deal with their inherent mess:“We need you to help us to be more organized”. The end result is a charming, green home, wrapped around a central garden. The need for keeping things organized was met with the help of clever built-in storage systems, that help declutter the home and maintain a fresh feel throughout.

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