Unique Handsewn Cotton And Leather Cushions For Special Homes

Unique Handsewn Cotton And Leather Cushions For Special Homes

The Cushion Collection designed by Coussin Baptiste Viry for Yellow Velvet is a striking set of cotton and leather decor pieces that seem to lend the surrounding space a bit of their charm. These interesting cushions make a great decor for interiors in search of a unique piece of decoration that comes with the artist’s signature. Used men’s shoes were entangled in a leather patchwork cushion entitled “The Little Shoes” – the hand-sewn shoes were finished with a hot wax buff and backed with suede. Another cushion – named “The Pause” – is made entirely of white cotton canvas and displays superior Barenia calf’s leather straps holding a rolled up magazine. Next, the Siesta cushion is also a white cotton piece, but this one features a navy blue rolled 180 cm canvas mat. Or maybe you like the one made entirely out of navy blue cotton canvas, with the same leather straps finished with a hot wax buff on which hangs a man’s glove. Either one of these cushions have removable feather interiors and are suited for dry clean only. Gold-plated buckles make the difference in style and expose the delicate design that you might find room for in your home.

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