Creatively Partitioned Chelsea Townhouse On Three Levels

Creatively Partitioned Chelsea Townhouse On Three Levels

Located in a Chelsea brownstone landmark townhouse, these splendid residential spaces fluctuate between outside and inside. Renovated for a a fashion designer in search of a balanced composition of textures, colors and light, this 3,400 square foot residence in Chelsea, New York, was designed by Archi-Tectonics. The low garden level, adorned with cascading greenery, woodwork and brickwork, leads into the nanny/guest apartment, and the library / office space. On a higher level, the stylish long and narrow living room boasts a modern fireplace. A light corridor goes from the two tall windows in the living zone to the dark-framed glass wall in the dining area. Here, the grey-toned kitchen is flooded with light, becoming part of the level’s circulation. Accessed via a wooden staircase with glass railings, the next level shelters the cozy master bedroom featuring a coin armchair, one of Johnny Swing‘s creations. This resting space leads out to a terrace through a set of pivoting doors. Here, glimpses of the green courtyard below greet owners every morning, just before coffee. The second bathroom shares a large bathroom with the master bedroom and a TV lounge occupies the same floor.

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