Whatever, Whenever Paradise In Thailand - New W Hotel Koh Samui

Whatever, Whenever Paradise In Thailand – New W Hotel Koh Samui

If you’re wondering where to go next, you didn’t hear about the New W Hotel in Koh Samui. Yesterday, I was just like you – blissfully unaware. Now, I can’t seem to look away from the beautiful clouds mirroring in the infinity pool. In this part of the retreat, round lounge spaces emerge from the water to create a spectacular place to relax. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, this heavenly vacation spot was designed by MAPS Design studio as a collection of imagined spaces shaping a welcoming paradise. This is where I would like to do whatever, whenever -surrounded by a breathtaking natural environment, luxuriously comfortable man-made spaces and the welcoming interior design. Seems like a promise: “Because every wish and whim is meant to come true. At W Retreat Koh Samui, your wish truly is our command with our Whatever/Whenever® service! We’ll make your special moment magical and transform your dreams into reality. Whatever you want. Whenever you want it (as long as it’s legal).”

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