Coping with a Less Friendly Environment: Modern Japanese Residence Looking Inward

As if we did not see enough of their creativity already, here is another interesting example of modern Japanese architecture. Designed by studio Edward Suzuki Architecture, the F Residence is located in Kamakura, a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is difficult not to observe the museum-like design features of this unusual crib, derived from the idea of building a project that would look inward, rather than expand towards the outdoors. Here is more information from the architects: “The theme, ‘Go in to go out’, was applied to the design of this house and, as a result, the rectangular silhouette of the house was pushed to the boundary limits of the 776 square meter property in the center of which was placed a 15-meter diameter circular patio. The thrust of the planning was to allow each and every room to face and to have a view of this central garden“. On Freshome we usually see projects that take full advantage of their surrounding environment. How would you comment on the alternative presented by the F Residence?