Versatile Guest/Office Barn Complimenting Nearby Residential Barn

Versatile Guest/Office Barn Complimenting Nearby Residential Barn

Stealth Barn is a new project by London-based studio Carl Turner Architects that was constructed near one of their other modern projects – the Ochre Barn – and complement the simple residential brick construction it stands by. The Norfolk countryside was the perfect place to experiment with the construction of two equally interesting projects and we will concentrate on the Stealth Barn, which was designed to be used either as a guest house, studio or meeting place. “Stealth Barn pays respect to the form of the agricultural context but contrasts with the traditional barn.

Stealth Barn is a sharp black mass – a shadow of the adjacent barn or a silhouette on the horizon. It is a robust exterior wrapped with a restricted palette, devoid of fussy detail, and formed to withstand its exposed position.” Interiors were dressed in OSB, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of old barns divided by straw bales. Compartmentalized interiors were given the chance to visually connect to the surrounding landscape through carefully placed windows. Pocket-like spaces convey the idea of a semi-open, welcoming space that can easily be used as a bedroom, dining space, office zone and meeting room without interfering with one another.

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  • Architects Norfolk June 13, 2013 at 14:22 PMLogin to Reply →

    Stealth barn is not a personal favourite of mine. The wood is a little too much and it looks more of an exhibition house than a home.