Wood And Concrete Hillside Maruyama House In Japan

Wood And Concrete Hillside Maruyama House In Japan

Overlooking the city of Sapporo, Japan, this simple residential construction gathers views from all directions and draws them inside, through massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Surrounding vegetation and the house’s hillside location ensures the dwellers privacy is protected and they can become “victims” of a comfortable lifestyle. Designed by Japanese studio Atelier Sano, the residence bearing the name Maruyama House displays a clean, wood-cladded architecture style resting on a concrete base.

In order to keep the interior spaces open and simple, the architects designed a series of nooks that shelter different programs without interfering with the open floor plan. Reached via a twisted staircase, the main living space contains the kitchen, dining space, living room and office corner. A kitchen island flanked by open shelves on two sides and wooden dining table and chairs compose the cooking/dining area, having only the subtle furniture arrangement visually separating them from the living zone. The rest of the space is divided between the necessary programs and a freeing sense of openness both on the inside and towards the surrounding landscape. Are you inspired by this residence or prefer a more classic approach to interior design and architecture?

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