Dreamy St.Petersburg Apartment by Anton Valiev

Dreamy St.Petersburg Apartment by Anton Valiev

We’ve seen many dream apartments – some of them small and versatile, others spacious and luxurious. All of them have a common point – a surprising interior design. Prepared to become someone’s comfortable nest, these renders by Anton Valiev exhibit a custom collaboration between natural colors and elegant furniture. With both feminine and masculine touches, this two bedroom apartment in St. Petersburg is perfect for a small family. Tradition and modernity subtly intertwine to shape an elegant display of spaces. One of the bedrooms features blue accents and cream furniture, in a successful attempt to create a dreamy design, while the other bedroom is soberer, although the romantic canopy over the bed softens the atmosphere. A masculine office/den provides privacy and an imposing work space, balanced by the display of travel-related art and a comforting fireplace. My favorite space in this apartment found on Home Designing is the light flooded vanity area – the perfect place to start and end a day.

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