Cozy Swedish Apartment With Charming Wood-Burning Fireplace

Cozy Swedish Apartment With Charming Wood-Burning Fireplace

This bright and cozy apartment can be found in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. Situated in a central part of the city, the apartment features three bedrooms, each smaller than the other, but with a strong appeal and comfortable amenities. Its 98 square meters were designed to offer the best arrangement possible and keep an inviting atmosphere throughout. A living room with a charming wood-burning fireplace and a large grey sofa ensures the inhabitants have a wonderful time relaxing in front of the TV or enjoying the calming effect of seeing and hearing the fire crackling. A fully equipped kitchen with gorgeous wooden floors that can be seen throughout the apartment gives a glimpse into how meals with friends would become fun gatherings. Two balconies – one to the North and the other to the South – give the inhabitants the possibility of enjoying the morning and evening sun. Isn’t this just perfect?

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