Tastefully Designed Residence in Thailand: The Lake House

Tastefully Designed Residence in Thailand: The Lake House

The Lake House is a modern home completed by Bangkok-based studio Openbox Company and located in Kaoyai, Nakornratchasima, Thailand. All the architecture planning for this home was influenced and connected to its privileged position: “The site of this project was on the edge of a small, man-made lake, inside a property adjacent to Kaoyai National Park. The selected placement of the cluster was to maximize the views, ventilation and privacy. With part of the land curving around the lake, and a gentle slope towards the lake, the best lake view scenery was selected and framed to be the main view of the living and dining compound. Humidity is always a big issue for forest area. Even as a single storey house, every platform is raised from ground level, away from humidity, and natural rainwater surface flow”-stated the architects. The residence displays a tasteful contemporary interior design, inspired by surrounding nature elements. Have a look!

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