Modern Architecture Adapted to the Chihuahuan Desert Climate: Casa Camino

Modern Architecture Adapted to the Chihuahuan Desert Climate: Casa Camino

Casa Camino is a project belonging to Mexico City-based studio Parque Humano and located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Its architecture had to be adapted to the semi-arid climate. According to the architects, the residence “occupies a natural ledge in the hillside, facing the view to the east and turning its back to the winds coming from the north, we have privileged the views to the city and the panorama hills of the valley. The house has a mixed structure of steel and concrete, plus outer faces of stone to create a rapport with the surroundings. The inside walls are in white stucco, while the ceilings lined with wood. The house is developed as one floating volume and a semi buried podium“. Structured on two levels, the residence accommodates the living room, dining spaces, kitchen, studio and the master bedroom on the main floor. The basement hosts three bedrooms and a multipurpose room. Find its layout functional?

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    […] The site of this construction is located in a hilly area, hence only a level of the structure is visible from the highway.  Concrete and steel are the principle elements of construction. Glass windows are intermittently provided to allow the view to the hills, valleys and the city. Wooden paneling is imparted on ceiling and to keep an optimum temperature although the year.  Stone is selected for the outside to maintain an eco-friendly outlook. […]