Vito Selma's Beautiful Woodcraft Furniture

Vito Selma’s Beautiful Woodcraft Furniture

Young Filipino designer Vito Selma creates the most stunning and complex furniture. His material of choice is wood and he uses it to combine simplicity with creativity resulting in the most beautiful forms that are both functional and artistic at the same time. Vito says that his pieces call to mind the archetypal nudes who stand before artist and audience, showing each curve and crest of their composites. He says his work is unabashed and unafraid to display the nakedness of wood grain and texture.

Rather than seeing himself as the master who expresses full command over the material with which he works, Vito perceives wood in a very different way and it occupies a very personal space in his world. He refers to it as his ‘partner’, implying an equal give and take of complications and accomplishment, a mutual understanding. The result is that the wood seemingly assimilates the literal ‘flow’ of Vito’s creative outputs and his inspirations.

What do you think? Are you inspired by Vito’s work?


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