Colourful Children’s Bathroom by Laufen

Colourful Children’s Bathroom by Laufen

Ideal for use in nurseries, kindergartens and schools, these small-scale kid’s bathrooms are designed especially with little ones in mind. Imaginative, colourful and playful, what child wouldn’t want to use the florakids range from Laufen?

The rounded shapes, bold colours and influences from the animal and plant kingdoms give the florakids bathroom a feeling of fantasy and playfulness, which creates an environment perfect for kids to learn about hygiene.

The centrepiece is a washstand with a basin in the shape of a flower blossom, available in white, red or green. The range also features ceramic shelves, shaped like little clouds that can be used to complement the washbasin and they come in matching colours too. Mirrors are available in a red mirror flower design, or a green mirror caterpillar design whereby the mirrors can be lined up in series to create a comical caterpillar.

As the range is designed especially for children, the ergonomically-designed florakids WCs have no sharp edges or corners. The seats, which are available in white, red or green, are smaller in diameter and have a mini back support so children are not afraid of falling in. The ergonomic seat also lets kids who are potty training grasp onto the ears on the left and right of the seat. The single-lever mixer for the washbasin is easy for children to use as well as being hygienic.

With the florakids range by Laufen, using the bathroom should be child’s play!! What do you think?


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