Garage Turned Into Delightful Small Office in Eindhoven

Garage Turned Into Delightful Small Office in Eindhoven

We are spotting more and more creative office designs lately and are happy to see that work atmosphere is an important factor to consider. Dutch studio architecten|en|en recently designed a home office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, by simply wrapping an old garage in corrugated aluminum. The client’s brief and the starting point for planning was based on creating a space that would not feel like a garage. According to the architects, “the solution was found in adding a mask-shaped volume to the existing building. By covering this with a perforated corrugated aluminium skin  as mono material for the walls and the roof, a subtle continuation of the clay-roofing of the existing home arises. A  collar of galvanized steel that acts as a terrace boundary highlights the disengagement of existing and new. On the interior the addition provides extra floor-space and height. An abundance of daylight can enter the studio through a south faced strip of glass dividing the addition from the existing roof.” [Photography by Post & Van Leeuwen]

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