Delightful Timber Residence : Curl Curl Beach House in Australia

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Curl Curl Beach House was designed by Australian studio CplusC Architects and is located in a suburb of northern Sydney. According to the architects, the house “exploits the structural and aesthetic benefits of timber with stunning results. The longitudinal division of the home is expressed externally with the metal clad butterfly roof which collects rainwater that is stored in an extensive sub floor bladder tank system. Externally, stud frame walls are clad with Western Red Cedar shiplap boards, stained black and orientated vertically. This creates a bold, modest aesthetic which contrasts with the clear oiled Western Red Cedar doors and windows, used specifically in this application due to its light weight and durability. A defining element in the interior is the sinuous skylight that runs the length of the building and washes light down the eastern external wall. The shadow cast from the exposed LVL beams provide rhythm and interest”. The residence occupies an area of 2,790 square feet and took 24 weeks to build, on a budget of 500,000 Australian dollars. But the outcome is quite stunning.

  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-01-1-733x1100
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  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-01-750x500
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  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-02-2-733x1100
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  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-02-750x500
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  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-14-1-750x552
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-14-750x500
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-15-750x405
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-16-750x500
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-17-750x492
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-18-750x431
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-19-750x483
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-20-750x500
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-21-733x1100
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-22-750x526
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-23-750x948
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-24-750x500
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-25-733x1100
  • Curl-Curl-Beach-House-26-733x1100


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