Decaying Victorian Houses Made of LEGO Pieces by Mike Doyle

Decaying Victorian Houses Made of LEGO Pieces by Mike Doyle

One look at these photos is enough to make anyone remember that creativity comes in many shapes. These impressive abandoned Victorian homes were all built with the help of LEGO bricks. The original idea belongs to Mike Doyle, who not to long ago finished his third collapsing home in this amazing series. According to Laughing Squid, the projects made so far are called Victorian on Mud Heap, achieved with the help of about 110k-130k pieces (first photo), Three Story Victorian with Tree, made of 50k-60k LEGO pieces (second photo) and TwoStory with Basement (third picture of this post). And in case you were wondering, each house took from 450 to 600 hours to build. But the creative mind behinds them explains: “To my eyes, patterns of decay find a more pleasing path than an untouched object. A roof collapsed by the weight of snow, side shingles ripped by the force of winds, substructures rotting, insects and weather gnawing the exposed surfaces. I can picture those windy days where a shingle flies off. Or the sudden creaking, cracking and burst of tinder giving way under snow’s heavy hand“. We find these decaying Victorian homes absolutely spectacular and are looking forward to seeing your reactions.


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