Concrete, Steel, Wood and Stone Shape the Fabulous Washington Park Residence

Concrete, Steel, Wood and Stone Shape the Fabulous Washington Park Residence

Washington Park Residence, a modern and light flooded residence in Seattle, Washington, exhibits a fascinating facade made of thick and thermally insulated concrete walls. These walls are “layered and modulated to provide carefully framed views from west facing rooms, add depth and shadow to the facade, and orchestrate the entry sequence through the courtyard to the front door.Sullivan Conard Architects made sure that the house overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascades captured extensive views without interfering with the much needed privacy. The back garden offers the inhabitants the opportunity of enjoying a fabulous reflecting pool that merges visually with the lake below. From the inside, one can enjoy the views through floor to ceiling steel framed windows and doors. Two concrete chimneys warm up the interiors of the main volume, where the living zones are situated – living room, kitchen and library, while the private bedrooms are located in a separate wing. The garage is topped off with an apartment, completing the collection of living spaces.


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