Cosy Residence Perfect for an Extended Family

Cosy Residence Perfect for an Extended Family

Looking for inspiration to create your own minimalist home? Take a look at this beautiful, modern and elegant architectural masterpiece that we found on DigsDigs. Perfect for an extended family, the modern residence displays a playful floor plan covering 340 square meters. All the spaces of the house were designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for the family lucky enough to live here. The 8 bedrooms with bathrooms encompass enough space for a large family and guests, while the entertaining spaces include a large living room, decorated with contemporary pieces of furniture and featuring a fireplace to gather the family around the fire, a sauna for those special relaxation moments and a penthouse floor with a panoramic terrace. Natural wood and enticing carpets create a cosy atmosphere, while the natural color palette and bright natural light complete the wonderful features of this home. Don’t you just love how it all falls together?

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