Three-Dimensional Decorative Tiles: The Versatile Collection

Three-Dimensional Decorative Tiles: The Versatile Collection

Thinking about renovating your walls? Consider a modern and versatile option before you decide: the Versatile Collection from Kutahya. This contemporary tiles collection contains many style options that you can choose from. Described by the producers, the Versatile Collection displays “unique geometry, functionality and application varieties of Versatile series, allowing users to compose many combinations and alternate application methods to form a wide range of usability through architectural geometries to organic structures of nature.” These combinations and patterns can be used in any room to give the space depth and a creative approach to wall decoration. The adaptable tiles available in many colours – black, blue, bordo, brown, cream and white – and colour combinations will allow you to indulge in creating fabulous, modern living spaces. The Axis and the Arc versions with elevated surfaces “allow users to compose and combine wide range of pattern ideas to define and expose many residence and spaces“. Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think about the tile collection.


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  • David Traversa March 20, 2015 at 03:01 AMLogin to Reply →

    Some of those design are truly gorgeous.
    From my point of view they work at their best when white in colour, otherwise they become too heavy to the eye.
    And when you do a whole wall it’s only acceptable in airports, hotels and other large scale places.
    For home use as decoration, only a strip, no more than 3-4 feet wide behind the shower in the bathroom. More than that it’s overdoing it.
    And if the bathroom is too small, it’s overwhelming.