Lovely Games of Light and Shapes: Green Bistro in Germany

Lovely Games of Light and Shapes: Green Bistro in Germany

We really love seeing restaurants that stand out and make a statement through their appearance. Promoting one’s business with the help of great design seems to be a real goal these days and we couldn’t be happier about it. Green Bistro is a the result of a collaboration between Siddik Erdogan & Jorn Frohlich and is located in the  Lengermann & Trieschmann department store, in Osnabruck, Germany. The place showcases highly modern arrangements and features a surrealist game of lines and light. Found on Homedit, the small informal restaurant consists of white chairs and tulip tables that make a lovely contrast with an imposing ceiling, which seems inspired by sci-fi movies. All in all, we imagine the visual effects this place offers are the main point of attraction when it comes to the clients’ loyalty. Do you find this bistro appealing or much too sophisticated?

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