Statues, Candles and Feng Shui Artifacts: Buddhist Kitchen by Studio 1:1 Inc

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We recently received a modern kitchen design from Kira Varvanina on behalf of Studio 1:1 Inc. Here is the description we were sent by the project developers: “A modern kitchen is not only a center of a house, but also a cultural reflection of personal tastes, habits and heritage. The Lin’s kitchen project set an extra challenge for designers because of client’s traditional background. Both of the owners are Chinese Buddhists with excellent cooking techniques, which they frequently practice by cooking grand Chinese feasts. The main objective of the project was to design a comfortable and convenient space, but also prepare the kitchen for future cultural introductions (such as Buddha statues, candles and Feng Shui artifacts). Hence, the warm ensemble of bamboo counters was introduced to complement the coldness of the Caesarstone and darkness of the cabinets which created an Oriental backdrop. Even thought the Buddhist Kitchen was created as a bold and minimalist design, it was also conceived as a flexible environment with enough room for the client’s interpretation“. What do you think of the Oriental vibes this contemporary kitchen offers?

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