Sliced Metal Sculptures Displaying Recognisable Silhouettes

Sliced Metal Sculptures Displaying Recognisable Silhouettes

Looking at these Sliced Metal Sculptures makes one wonder about the wonderful technologies we have access to. In order to invent new ways to be creative, artists strive to use the available technologies and information to create interesting exhibition-worthy pieces. Korean sculptor Chan Girl Park‘s works surprise well-known things in an unusual way – layers of thin metal are stacked on top of each other and cut to shape the easily recognisable silhouettes. Describing them as “sliced images”, the designer uses three-dimensional topography charts to plan where the next slice is going to land to form a 3D image. Found on MyModernMet, these sculptures represent a part of the artist’s work. Chan Girl Park had many solo and group exhibitions across Korea and China, so it seems that his works have touched a lot of people and impressed many visitors. We know we’re impressed, how about you?


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    Astounding. I have no words to express my admiration for these sculptures!!