30 Scandinavian Home Desks That Encourage Work Creativity
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30 Scandinavian Home Desks That Encourage Work Creativity

Have a look at these lovely home desks designed in a faultless Scandinavian style! For today we thought of gathering a collection of 30 less conventional home offices that could make work less rigid and more inviting. With a splash of color here and there, colorful wallpapers and chairs, appealing picture frames or intriguing looking lamps, each and anyone of you can turn your home desk into a welcoming working space. The photos below feature some amazing decors, each of them different and with a well defined personality. As you can observe, most of the desks are situated in isolated parts of the apartments, such as corners, small attic spaces or alcoves. A window nearby is always a good idea to consider. The working tables are unconventional, some of them having a vintage style. Calendars, flowers, post-its with messages from friends, a good book-these are small details that can turn a dull desk into an appealing and creative space to work.

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