Charming Apartment with Each Room Having Its Own Personality

Charming Apartment with Each Room Having Its Own Personality

Let yourself mesmerized by a delightful apartment designed in a captivating Scandinavian style. This inspiring crib has a living surface of 96 square meters and a total of three rooms (kitchen not included). The entrance leads to a hallway that communicates with the living room, which is further connected to the bedroom, kitchen and “reading room”. The living room showcases a charming soberness, due to the color palette consisting mainly of white and gray. However, the flower arrangements, coffee table and chandeliers cheer up the atmosphere. A lovely terrace with a wooden table set for three is situated right next to the living room and makes for a great place to have breakfast. The kitchen features a lovely wooden table with bright blue chairs which turns this particular part of the apartment into a fresh spot. The third room (if you also count the inviting sleeping area) is individualized due to a red&white carpet and seating units that invite one to read and dream.

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