Contemporary Sustainable Family Home in Montauk: Pryor Residence

Contemporary Sustainable Family Home in Montauk: Pryor Residence

Pryor Residence was designed by Bates Masi Architects and is located in Montauk, New York.  According to the architects, the house detaches itself from common residential planning and “is entered through multiple areas for different guests and occasions. Large glass doors slide open to the living, dining and kitchen area for a large gathering; a smaller scaled swing door for an occasional guest opens to the center hall with a view of the ocean. A sequence of auxiliary spaces – beach equipment area, outdoor shower, sand and mudroom – creates a seamless ritual from the daily activities for the family and friends. In all living areas and bedrooms, glass doors and insect screens slide in and out from pocket walls, transforming rooms to screened porches or spaces completely open to the landscape. The house is environmentally friendly in its overall construction and planning with such specifics as geo-thermal heating & cooling, shading & venting systems, solar panels, organic finishes and materials“. The residence was especially designed for a couple and their two children and is said to evoke the parents’ love for the outdoors driven by their experiences of camping.


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