Mood Rocking Bed for Welcoming Summer Indoors

Mood Rocking Bed for Welcoming Summer Indoors

Here is a design that inspires tranquility and comfort. The mood rocking bed was designed by Joe Manus from Shiner International and is suited for both indoors and outdoors. Don’t let its design fool you. This rocking bed can be used for sweet rocking meditation time or as a steady unit with the help of  rubber stoppers, at an inclination the user feels more comfortable with. But the product is not just easily adaptable to your mood, but also to your overall interior design. According to the producers, the carbon steel frame can be blackened, brushed  (or replaced with wood), for a harmonious integration within various contemporary decors. The Mood Rocking Bed is available in Twin, Full, King and Queen sizes and the costs for a Queen- sized model, with carbon steel frame or wood base finish is $ 2995. A bit over the top, we believe, even though the bed truly rocks. How do you find it?


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    […] The advantage of the rocking bed is, besides this is comfortable and healthy because it can offer you adequate rest, you can use it in indoor and outdoor. In addition, you can also choose the type that has been offered. The Mood Rocking Bed is obtainable at Full, King, Twin, and Queen Sizes and costs. The model of Queen-sized with steel frame and wood or carbon offered at $ 2,995. It is very high price for a bed but a very cheap for your health. Mood Rocking Bed by Joe Manus via: fh […]

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    This is my dream bed : )
    Amazing find. We shared it on our blog: