Fresh Plant Pods, an Idea for Invigorating Your Apartment

Fresh Plant Pods, an Idea for Invigorating Your Apartment

We know living in crowded urban areas can trigger the need for turning your apartment into a miniature garden. Here is why we decided to showcase an interesting idea that can help you display flower arrangements with style. These Plant Pods were envisioned by designer Domenic Fiorello and have a unique appearance.  “After researching the care needed for succulent plants, I designed this pod-like planter to be created on a CNC router. They hang vertically to display all the different views that can potentially be seen in an individual pod”- explains the project developer.  Besides dusting, we don’t see any other drawback to this design. On the contrary, we believe the pods have a very elegant and original appearance, adding charm and contributing to a fresh atmosphere. Moreover, their modern look makes them easy to integrate in a variety of contemporary interiors.  How do you find them?


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