Playing with Heights and Colours: Do-Lo-Rez Sofa by Ron Arad

Playing with Heights and Colours: Do-Lo-Rez Sofa by Ron Arad

The Do-Lo-Rez is one of Ron Arad‘s most beautiful pieces of furniture. Combining modern technology and contemporary design, he managed to create exceptional pieces like this colourful sofa. The London-based designer and architect created the Do-Lo-Rez piece as a versatile sofa made from polyurethane foam that varies in density to ensure both a sturdy base and a soft seating area. Cubes and rectangles of various heights arranged in rows shape the modern sofa into a unique configuration. By rearranging the cubes and rectangles, new pieces of furniture can be created. A platform at the base of the sofa ensures the stability of Do-Lo-Rez – the stiffer foam in each unit is attached to the platform with the help of steel pins. The units all have a 21x21cm footprint but vary in height from 27.5cm to 83cm. This allows the design to play with the different heights in order to shape a contemporary sofa. Joyful displays of colours mix to create a modern look that accentuates the bold design. Would you dare to display such a strong combination of colours and design in your own home?


  • suyanto June 13, 2011 at 07:11 AMLogin to Reply →

    WOW.. The design is awesome.. I am loving them.. The white red brick sofa would definitely suit a red or a white wall

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