Charming Residence Emerging From Rock Formations: Cliff House

Charming Residence Emerging From Rock Formations: Cliff House

The Cliff House was designed by Altius Architecture and is located in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada. Although anchored in a spectacular natural environment, the residence makes no compromises in terms of comfort. According to the architects, “this dwelling emerges form the rock formation of the cliff using the same local granite to form its base. A central core acts as an anchor that circulates movement, light and air into the living spaces that pinwheel and cantilever off into the landscape. In spite of its modest scale, the residence easily accommodates the family of four by providing amenity for dinning, cooking, living, reading and sleeping which are each carefully tuned to the unique view, light and breezes of the cliff. To balance the heavy mass derived from the fireplaces; cantilevered volumes, flying roofs and floor to ceiling glass are used to achieve a lightness of form as it works to bring the lake into the living spaces”. Sustainable features of this home include solar panels, geothermal systems and natural ventilation. Would you like to live in a home as adventurous as this one?

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  • Clay Stephens June 3, 2011 at 11:12 AMLogin to Reply →

    Wow! And Wow again! Love this place! It’s that organic and modern mix that feels so warm and inviting with spectacular nature views.