How to Achieve Great Lighting in Dark Colored Interiors

How to Achieve Great Lighting in Dark Colored Interiors

If you have only light colored walls in your home because you are concerned that dark walls will make your space feel closed in or cave-like, you are not alone. Many steer away from dark colored interiors, in hopes to make their room feel more inviting and welcoming. The appeal of dark colors can feel daunting if you don’t have great sources of light. The addition of natural light, beautiful light fixtures, or the playful interaction of lighter flooring with dark walls could be all you need to make your dark interiors feel welcoming. Here are tips to achieve great lighting sources in your dark colored rooms.

  • Natural lighting can save your room: When considering dark colored interiors, determine if your space has the ability to let in natural light. Whether it is through windows, skylights, translucent materials such as flooring, ceiling panels, or even glass block walls. Letting natural light into a dark colored room will help the colors read more inviting, and allow you to coordinate shades of dark textiles and finishes with lighter ones.  Add sheers or lightweight and light colored drapery at windows to allow natural light to pour in, but to control harsh glares when the sun is bright.
  • Mix and match color with dark finishes: Another option for achieving great lighting is to play off of adjacent colors to lighten up your dark colored interiors. Choose colors that have a bright nature, and your interior space will feel playful, and casual, or choose lighter neutrals to make the space feel formal and sophisticated. Orange and yellow make great textile colors for sofas, throw pillows and window treatments. While neutral browns, tans, and off-whites make good area rugs and seating colors to pair in front of dark walls.
  • A dark bathroom needs reflectance: Think again, if you’re thinking that dark colors don’t belong in the bathroom. Pendant lighting over the vanity, wall sconces, and recessed lighting can brighten the space beautifully. Opt for reflective dark materials, instead of matte-finished ones to emphasize the light.  Glossy ceramic tiled walls, glass shower doors, wall mirrors, and shiny chrome or stainless steel plumbing fixtures can bring sparkle and brighten your dark colored bathroom. If you decide to make all the walls in your bathroom dark, opt for lighter colored flooring, or a lighter colored ceiling to offset the dark walls.
  • Lighten the room with partial drama: If you’re not ready to take the full plunge into having your full walls colored with dark finishes, how about opting for a chair rail or wainscot accent with dark color below, and a lighter color above? This combination will bring in the light, but will also retain the dramatic nature that dark colored interiors bring. This technique works especially well in dining rooms, where you can use the chair rail as a decorative area for pictures, collectibles, and colors can be coordinated with seating and dining room table decor.

Bringing light into your dark colored interiors has just been made easier, with the help of these tips. From natural lighting and lighting fixtures, to accenting your walls and furnishings with lighter colored textiles, and pops of color, lighting is the key ingredient to making your space feel beautiful and welcoming.  If you decide to go all the way dark with the majority of your space, bring in a few light elements to help the room feel balanced instead of gloomy and dark!

Freshome reader’s do you have dark interiors in your home? How do you bring in light to make the space feel welcoming?


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