Waterfront Living: Fantastic Seaside Home in Sweden

Waterfront Living: Fantastic Seaside Home in Sweden

Welcome to an incredible waterfront home that takes in the beauty and peacefulness of the nature reserve it neighbors. Found on Skeppsholmen, the project consists of an imposing building which serves as the main living area and two other small constructions. The main building offers a stunning kitchen with wood furnishings, marble countertops and a breathtaking fireplace. Dining takes place in the glass veranda with spectacular views over the water. Two living rooms, up to six bedrooms, three lavish bathrooms and a  dressing room make up the main residence, a perfect place for family gatherings. To top it all, there is a lovely pier on the property and a fascinating lighthouse for a genuine near-water experience. Have a look at the photos below and raise your hand if you are a fan of living in waterfront homes.

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